Stamps of Chinese mini tractors

In China, more than a billion people live. Minitractor is a very popular type of equipment, the choice of mini tractors is huge, and tractors are very different in quality, design, purpose and price. In addition, many companies in China are only assembling a new tractor, typing components for different plants. Compare the various brands of Chinese mini tractors is not easy.

During multiple trips to China, we analyzed different manufacturers and chose the best of them for cooperation. Now we produce tractors together with these plants on our production site in China.


The plant carries out deliveries of tractors to the USA, Europe. Tractors comply with European standards, high quality. The Jinma plant is the largest tractor plant in China. Tractors are identical to Dongfengu, part of the parts is the same. Tractors with different diesels and a different number of options included (low-cost options and expensive European variants with a light winter launch) are supplied to Russia. We supply the Jinma tractor in the European configuration with a light winter launch, however, on the market you can find cheaper configurations. The connecting dimensions for the guns may also be different. The site of the company Jinma:


Small tractors, the most simple design. The tractor is equipped with a system of water open cooling, which significantly reduces the cost of the tractor. However, due to the general economy in the manufacture of the tractor, defects are possible. A tractor feature is a power take-off shaft located on the side. This makes it difficult to attach some guns. But we will help you to solve this problem. Our company had to make significant improvements to this mini-tractor. Today we offer a Hebei tractor with two power take-off shafts – side and rear. The coupling elements of the tractor are completely unified with the rest of the tractors. These tractors are the cheapest. We recommend this type for buyers familiar with the technique.